Is a career

in the Unionized Construction
Sector right for you?

Do you love working with your hands?
Do you enjoy learning and bettering your skills?
Are you looking for a secure job future?





Skills Your Union training ensures your the best in the industry.
Salary Your skills & training help you make a great living.
Safety Your work environment is the safest possible because of
the training you receive.
Security You're trained, You're skilled, You work more often,
It's that simple.
Stature Well trained and highly skilled crafts people are
respected artisans.
Support We are a proud team who actively promotes you, your
trade and your skills.

Future Building is Coming to Burlington, April 8, 9, 10!

Future Building is an interactive three-day exhibition that provides young career seekers with the opportunity to experience hands-on activities in all areas of the construction sector. In addition, the exhibition will showcase partnerships of labour and management working together to build Ontario’s future.

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